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Really interesting concept. What do you have planned in the future? Multiple environments? Goals? Challenges?

Edit: I just played a bit of it, and the controls for movement feel a bit wonky. Instead of 'a' and 'd' being strafe keys, they turn the entire character. Perhaps there could be a different configuration? Without the ability to look down, it's tough to know when I'm close enough to pick up an apple. The inability to walk a different way than my character is facing also makes it tough to see how close enemies are.


It was just a test concept based off of a random reddit post. And yeah, I totally I get what you mean with the movement. I think I primarily designed it with the controller in mind, but maybe not. I can't really remember at this point, as it has been so long since I touched it.

Ah. Still, if you'd be interested in continuing work on it, I see lots of potential here. Imagine choosing different 'NPCs' to play as, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Different goals could be set up for different environments. What if there was a shop you needed to send your protector to so he could get better equipment for the next missions? There's tons of ways you could continue working on it.

That's if you want to, though. It's fine if you don't want to. As an artist, I know how incentive and drive are important to the end result.