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Meet Sam, she has always had dreams where she would end up blind. Until, she wakes up one day actually blind. All Sam has to go off of are her memories and sounds to navigate her home. Of course, Sam's memories might not be that good… Or, is there something more sinister at work…

Areas Available:

Bedroom Only Currently. However, I already have other areas planned out, but first I want to get feedback on what people think before implementing them. And, no I won't tell you what they feature, that would just spoil it :P.

I cannot say what the minimum specs might be at this time, but I do know you will need a pretty good video card. Why? Because, it uses real time reflections and refraction, plus tons of post-render processing.

Update Notes 0.1.1

Decreased real time global illumination render size.

Baked as many objects as possible for lighting

VSync has been disabled. You should see an FPS increase.

Mirror reflections are now updated only when necessary, instead of every frame. Should see an FPS increase from this.

Added ability to toggle refraction in glass on or off via the 1 Key.

Added FPS counter which can be turned off via / key.

Fixed a bug wherein if the alarm event was the first thing, the alarm sound would not play properly.

Added a delay for new sounds to start for certain events. This allows the current event sound to finish before the new one starts.

Tested on Specs:

Intel i7 quad core 3.8ghz

16gb memory

Nvidia GTX 970

1980x1080 resolution

XBox Controller Supported

Oculus VR Supported

Probably will work on VIVE as well


Xbox Controller

Left stick to move

Right stick to look around

B button to enter memory mode - can only look around

A button to interact while not in memory mode

Keyboard & Mouse

WASD to move in non-memory mode

Mouse to look around

LMB to Interact

RMB to enter memory mode

/ Key to turn off fps counter at top

1 Key to toggle refraction in glass on or off *

F key to enter memory mode - can only look around

E key to interact while not in memory mode

ESC key to quit

*Turning off refraction will more than likely increase your FPS.

More information

Published190 days ago
Tagsblindness, First-Person, Horror, puzzle
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download Zip for windows and simply unzip to wherever you want. Then just run the: The Light that Was.exe


The Light that Was.v0.1.1.zip (34 MB)


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I really like the idea of this game, but the way it 'works' right now makes it quite unfriendly to play.

I wrote a lot about my experience, but I decided to paste it into my rating review instead of spamming it on the comment section.

Thanks for the game, dev—really cool idea! Just wish I could have beaten it.

Yes, it is fairly dark, but to not be able to tell if you are in a corner or not is indeed your monitor. I have monitors with proper gamma and color tones set because I also create digital paintings. I have no problems telling if I am in a corner or not.

The game is meant to be tedious just as if you really were blind in real life. It is also meant to make you think. I will not hold your hand in this game concept. I will guide you with certain flags, but it is up to you to solve it. As to the jacket, where do you usually keep a jacket when not in use? Think about that and what is available in the room. However, I do agree with the movement being too fast and it could use some work. As to that one bug, you might have fallen out of the room space and thus in limbo. I need to put a respawn trigger in case that happens. Though, I have moved on to other projects now, so I doubt I will update this further.

As to your FPS, well that is expected on a 850m considering you are running it at 1080p. An 850m is less than a 750 gtx roughly. Also your 2.5ghz processor doesn't help. It is also a bottle neck due to the post processing effects. From those specs it looks like it probably is a laptop.

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You also designed the game, so you're a bit biased when it comes to knowing what things are or aren't in the game. When you've never seen the room before as a player, you don't even know you're in a contained room yet. As for the darkness, I assure you it's not my monitor. I also work in graphic design and I've been using (and building) my own PC's for over 20 years. You aren't the only indie dev who makes their horror/suspense games WAY TOO DARK. I play a lot of them. At least provide a gamma option--perhaps it's just a personal preference.

Why would you make a game about the tedium of being blind...when you aren't blind? I've never once experienced a power outage that made me BLIND.

I understand that I do not have a top of the line PC, but this is not a top of the line game so that argument does not fly with me. If I can play Bioshock Infinite on high settings and run it with a decent frame rate, I'm pretty baffled why you think your single-room game gets a pass for such poor performance. This PC handles not only high end gaming JUST fine, but also 3d modeling, video editing, etc. Your game SHOULD work fine on a laptop. Many people game on laptops, and with modern laptops are quite powerful these days since smartphones and tablets have pushed hardware to get increasingly smaller. Just take the responsibility for not optimizing your game for more rigs instead of blaming it on your player.

It's cool you're onto new projects. I hope in your next one you work no optimization and the overall user experience. And perhaps don't make a game based on tedium using a disability as an excuse. Blind people don't live tedious lives, I know many blind people and that's a bit offensive.

And nope, no jacket that I could find. I obviously checked the closet, but as I said in my review, none of the doors would open anymore. They only prompted sound files to be played.

Cheers mate, good luck on your next game!

Wow, that took long for me to realize I have to use RMB. LMB is interact as well, right?

I seems to work mostly ok on i5 6600 + gtx 750 ti but it seems to be capped at 30fps (or perhaps that's all it could do on that system at 1080p).

(Edited 1 time)

I forgot I made sure the usual Fire Buttons were used for interaction as well. Yes, you can use LMB to Interact and RMB to enter memory mode. I will add that up top to the instructions.

I am currently working on optimizations right now. The main culprit for the performance hit are the two mirrors updating every frame. I have since fixed that on my local version to only update when needed via scripting. I have also made it so you can turn off refraction in the glass as well. I am optimizing the real time Global Illumination by baking as many objects as I can. Plus, some bug fixes as well. With the new optimizations I am now seeing about 100fps on a single gtx 970.

What is your monitors refresh rate? Currently fantastic mode has vsync enabled and thus fps is limited to the monitor refresh rate. I will mess with turning off the vsync and see if there is any tearing. If not, then I will leave vsync off.

I like the concept, it runs ok for me but I would recommend you Optimize your versions in the future because if you need the highest quality computer it will limit how many people can play it.

What are your computer specs?

It is partly optimized right now with the lighting all baked in. There are two things that could possibly be optimized further: the real time reflections and the real time refraction. I forgot to add, that you can shift+left click the .exe to change settings for the quality level, resolution and such. I didn't disable it, it is just hidden. However, I don't recommend going below the Good quality level, otherwise it disables the real time reflections currently. I will release a new version with an FPS counter and optimized reflections.